April 5, 2007

History Of Tattoo

Tattooing started in Egypt with the Nubians and than progressed to Japan and other Asian cultures. It made its way to the Aristocrats of London in the 1700's when a heavily tattooed Polynesian man named Omai was introduced to London society by way of Captain Cook. Small tattoos in discreet places were popular. After the introduction of the electric tattooing machine in 1891 it became unpopular among the upper-class due to the fact that it was now cheaper to obtain a tattoo.

The word tattoo comes from many different locations. It is most believed to be derived from the Tahitian word "tatu," which means to mark and the Polynesian word "ta," which means striking something.

The first electric tattoo machine was invented by Samuel O'reilly in 1891.

Tattoos made their debut in America in Chatham Square in New York City. Tattooing flourished in this area until about the 1920's with the onset of prohibition. At this time tattooing declined in this area and the mecca was moved across the water to Coney Island, New York. With the outbreak of hepatitis and other diseases tattooing became illegal in the state of New York. After health issues were taken care of it became popular once again. Today it is considered a "fine art" form.

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