January 28, 2008

What Tattoo Should You Get?

  1. How painful will a tattoo be, in your estimation?

    • Ah, whatever. Painful, but rewarding.

    • Painful, but you'll suck it up and deal

    • Pain is pretty sexy.

    • Owowow! Just a little one to start

    • Getting a tattoo is partially about dealing with the pain.

    • You won't even notice the pain.

  2. Why do you want a tattoo?

    • To express a life philosophy

    • To show off a body part

    • There's something primal and sensual about them

    • To be cute and playful

    • To express your personality

    • To look awesome!

  3. What's a good place to get a tattoo?

    • All the way down your back - or around your arm

    • On your hip or butt

    • On your hand

    • On your shoulder or ankle

    • On your stomach, chest, or lower back

    • On the small of your back

  4. What's your favorite piercing?

    • You don't have any

    • Tongue

    • Navel

    • Ears

    • Eyebrow

    • Nose

  5. What do you find yourself doodling when you're bored?

    • Names

    • Cute little animals

    • Elaborate pictures - more like drawing than doodling

    • Flowers

    • Abstract symbols

    • Strange symbols

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